8 face eviction in Dance with Peter | Dance With Peter
8 face eviction in Dance with Peter

The dream of winning the Dance with Peter’s mouth-watering prizes in Dance with Peter reality TV show may soon be over for some of the thirty finalists now up for eviction.

Even though they delivered a superb performance and earned plaudits from the audience and judges, the duo of Captain Zee and Mannaseh, G-Stream and Ernest Smiley, Snipe and Tom Tom and Fearless and Ricky recorded the lowest score from the judges, thus showing the intensity of the competition and the abundance of talent in the show. They now look to the voting public to keep their dream alive. 

The theme of the night’s performance was “Latin American Dances” and the 30 finalists danced in pairs. Since there were 17 men and 13 women, some of the boys ended up as pairs. Even this proved not to be a disadvantage as the male pairs waltzed and glided on the stage to the salsa beats just like the male and female partners.

One such couple were Yemi Idemudia and Ambrose T’jark  who proved that two men can dance salsa together and pull it off. They gave such an entertaining display with flips, stunts and spins which left one of the judges Flexx saying, “I felt their ‘chemistry’,” sending the audience reeling with laughter. Kaffy said, ‘they had great connection delivering the story.”

At the end of voting later this week, that , “What’s in a name?” may pop up yet again. Will it be victory for Captain Zee whose real name is Samson? Or will his pairing with Mannaseh be his undoing like Delilah was Samson’s undoing in the Bible? Will it be song of glory for G-Xtream whose first name is Gloria? Will the voters see her performance with partner Ernest earnest enough to earn a berth into the next round? Will Ernest Smiley be smiling at the end of the day?

What will be the fate of Snipes and Tom Tom? Will voters show love to Snipes whose real name is David which means ‘dearly beloved’?

The final couple up for eviction is made up of Ricky and Fearless. Fearless’s real name is Jonathan Tetteh. Will the audience save him like he saved David from Saul’s wrath in the Bible? Will his performance with Ricky save both of them?

No matter the direction the voting pendulum swings, it was an exciting time on TV last night watching the show on Africa Magic Urban (Channel 153 on DSTV) from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The dancers put up an amazing show, fusing the Latin American salsa dance moves with contemporary steps, acrobatics and stunts, justifying why Dance with Peter is regarded by entertainment industry watchers as the hottest show on the continent at the moment. Those who missed the action can look forward to watching it on African Independent Television (AIT) this evening at 3 p.m.  The programme also runs on MTV Base on Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.  

It is a long wait to find out which of these eight extremely talented dancers will exit the show next weekend. Globacom says the public can vote for their preferred contestant by sending his or her code to 55518 at the cost of N50 per SMS. Voting lines are open from 8 p.m. on Saturday to 12 midnight on Monday. The eight dancers and their codes are Manasseh (502), Fearless  (505), G-Xtreme (507), Snipes (509), Tom-Tom (513), Ernest Smiley (515), Captain Zee (517), and Ricky  (522).

The company added that voters stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes including Iphone 5 handsets, Glo internet wifi and modems as well as Glo recharge cards.